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“Excellent diagnostician, really cares about his patients, very responsive to follow up questions.”

Patient Survey 2013


Whether you come to me for a single consultation or wish to develop an ongoing relationship I am here to help. Many parents meet me as they are seeking reassuarnce or a more detailed explanation of their child's condition.

I will listen to you, examine your child and work with you to determine an agreed plan. I will discuss my diagnosis and explain what tests and follow up (if any) might be required.

My services range from a general check up (health ‘MOT’) for infants and children, to the investigation and management of rare and complex conditions. I can treat all aspects of your child's health, development and well being.

As a member of the Harley Street Paediatric Group I have access to other specialists and can rapidly organize the best care for your child.

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I consult or can be visited at the following locations:

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children Cromwell Hospital Harley Street Pasdiatric Group London Medical

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“Dr Sawczenko is by far the most professional understanding and trustworthy doctor I have seen.”

“Excellent diagnostician, really cares about a patient, very responsive with follow up questions.”

“Easily contactable, and has never dismissed any concerns we have for our sons. He is very honest, caring, and very patient.”

“He is very personable, he really listens to the problems we were facing. We can't rate him highly enough and would always recommend him.”

“I needed clarification after the appointment and felt at ease to email him and received a fast response.”

Patient Survey 2013