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“Dr Sawcenko is by far the most professional understanding and trustworthy doctor I have seen.”

Patient Survey 2013

Professional Fees

What my fee covers:

A paediatric consultation involves a holistic approach, and my fee covers my time before, during, and after your consultation, including reading correspondence and answering emails.

My fees are based on the time I spend before, during, and after a consultation.

New patient appointments usually last around 45 minutes and complex consultations may require more time.

I will take a full history and examine your child. I will discuss my diagnosis and explain what tests and follow up (if any) might be required.

With your permission, I will email a letter to you with a record of what we have discussed and send a copy to your General Practitioner (GP), so that everyone is kept fully informed.

Following an appointment I will send you results and may ask you to keep me updated by email. I also endevour to answer any (brief) query you may have by email. It is not always appropriate or possible to answer all queries by email, and prolonged correspondence may be charged for on a time basis.

Standard 45min first Consultation *
Standard 30min Follow-up Consultation *
Vaccination only (no consultation) **
Late cancellation or non-attendance ***

* A prolonged or complex consultation which necessitates additional work before or after the consultation may incur an extra charge of £100 (and in exceptional cases more than this). ** A new patient appointment is usually required for the first vaccination. A lower fee is charged for subsequent vaccinations (if there is no consultation). *** A late cancellation fee applies if you do not attend and give less than 2 full working days notice (eg a fee would be charged if notice is given at a weekend for the following Tuesday). If you do not attend and do not give notice, a standard consultation fee will be charged

What my fee does not cover:

My fee does not cover the cost of tests, prescriptions or vaccines - which you will need to settle directly with the Hospital or Pharmacy.

Advice for Insured Patients

You do not need Private Healthcare insurance to see me, but if you have UK insurance you will probably need a referral from your GP.

Before we meet please discuss any planned face-to-face or Skype appointment with your company, making sure that you have an up-to-date authorisation number. There are many types of policy, and a minority do not cover Skype consultations.

Please let me know in advance if your policy has an excess, as you will need to settle this directly with me. If you fail to do so, then you may incur an additional administration fee of £25.

Please note that ultimate responsibility for payment rests with you. Sould any insurance claim be declined, in part or in whole, then you will be required to pay the outstanding balance with an administration fee of £50.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer, or online (using Paypal).

In the absence of prior written agreement to the contrary, payment is required on receipt of an invoice. Failure to make payment within 14 days of the due date may result in the matter being referred to a Debt Collection Agent whose charges will be added to, and payable with, the invoice debt.

I consult or can be visited at the following locations:

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children Cromwell Hospital Harley Street Pasdiatric Group London Medical

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“Dr Sawczenko is by far the most professional understanding and trustworthy doctor I have seen.”

“Excellent diagnostician, really cares about a patient, very responsive with follow up questions.”

“Easily contactable, and has never dismissed any concerns we have for our sons. He is very honest, caring, and very patient.”

“He is very personable, he really listens to the problems we were facing. We can't rate him highly enough and would always recommend him.”

“I needed clarification after the appointment and felt at ease to email him and received a fast response.”

Patient Survey 2013